Hey Friends! As you all know that in present time, our country India is suffering from one of the most dangerous disease, that is, costliness. So each and everyone wants to save it's
money by any means and at any cost.

However, today I'm going to provide you one of the simple means to save your plenty of money. It's Viber for Windows. Yes, Viber is now also available on Windows.
Earlier, I've posted about many such things like, LINE for Windows.

So somethings you'll need for it are just the software (Viber) on your PC and on your smartphone.

Steps to use Viber on PC

  • First, install Viber on your phone.

  • Then, download and install Viber on your PC.

  • After installing and running, you'll prompted for a Unique Code sent on your phone.

  • When you receive the code, just fill that on your PC and done.

You can download Viber for Windows from the given download link below.

Now, you can enjoy Viber also on your PC in minutes and save your plenty of money :)

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