Subway Surfer's is ruling the Android and iOS gaming platform, people are just trying to explore the depth of this game, its environment, gaming skills, power ups and awesome upgrades have made this game a top level companion of Temple Run 2, so people are even in search of some cheats so that they can easily get new upgrades easier and faster. 
So now using few files you can easily cheat out your Android and iOS version, so I will be explaining below for both devices, so jump in and lets get started.

Subway Surfers Cheat for Android

  • First, download everything from below.
  • Now just extract the Subway Surfers Hack file and your will find a folder in it that contains 3 files those are the file that will provide you with unlimited coins and upgrades.
  • Now after installing the game in your device just navigate to  Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Subway Surfer's and hit Clear Data.
  • Now copy these 3 files to your memory card and open file manager and navigate to sdcard/Android/data/com.kiloo.subwaysurf/files/
  • Now you will see three files already there so replace them up with the 3 files your have downloaded.
  • That's it now close and restart your game and see unlimited coins ready for some cash out. 

So now just head over and purchase some upgrades.

Things you will need ?

Download, apply & enjoy :)


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