Hello Friends! As we are going towards a new world each day and every moment but at
some points, we feel too good by reminding some of our previous moments.
Some of them is the news of Retirement of Windows XP. It was one of the best operating
systems which served well to it's users. But now, it's time to say Goodbye to XP :(

Support of Windows XP is ending on 8th August 2014. So those who are using XP must change their Operating System before this date. Also, if anyone wants to use XP
further can do that but without any other new supporting software.

Also, this news is officially released by Microsoft. To the fact, that almost 37.7 percent
PCs in the world still running Windows XP, the requirement and advantages
of this great operating system can be justified. 

So, share the news from your friends and acquaintances also and help them changing their
ways to operate the brand new Windows 8.


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