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Hey Friends! As you all know that Torrents are the best way to share huge files,
that is, files in Giga Bytes or large Mega Bytes. Everyone, infact most of
the bloggers use it to share their files via Torrents. It also help
them sharing it.

Now, today I'm going to share you something very interesting about Torrent Download Clients from BitTorrent , that is, uTorrent or BitTorrent. While downloading the files, you see some of the advertisements from Internet on to
your client on the top of it.

It also slows down some of your speed as it continuously refreshes itself. I have 
also posted earlier that how you can speed up uTorrent by a simple
software. You can also check it out if you furthur want to
speed it up.

 So, now get through the below tutorial to know how to hide/remove them from
your software to get your full provided download speed without
any restriction.

Steps to hide advertisements

  • First, open your BitTorrent Client (BitTorrent or uTorrent).

  • Now, navigate to Options > Preferences > Advanced.

  • Now search for "upsell" and make the string value "False".

  • Again search for string, "Offer" and make all the values to "False".

Done. Enjoy :) 
Now close your BitTorrent Client and you will see that all the advertisements
removed away from you.

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