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Hey Friends! Today I'm going to give you some information about how you can recharge your devices with Paytm even if you ain't have internet connected on your phone. As we know that, how much important nowadays Internet is for us so certainly almost every person had Internet available  on it's devices.
But, if you don't have that, then you can still, at least, recharge your phone, DTH, etc. on Paytm. They have recently started this service (from my knowledge :P ). So now, just proceed and know that how we can recharge our devices with Paytm Offline.

There are two methods available to recharge with

Note: You must have a Paytm ID and cash in Paytm Wallet. If you do not have paytm account register right here on

Recharge using IVRS (Toll-Free Number) on PayTM

This is an amazing feature offered by the paytm. You can recharge your mobile even if you are not connected to the internet by calling the IVRS toll-free number using your paytm money. To utilize this service you need to have money in your paytm wallet.

Login to your paytm account,then, navigate to Settings.
Under your profile, click Call 1800 1800 1234 {Toll-free} to recharge and Enable this option.
Call the toll-free number and follow the guidelines to recharge your number without Internet.

Using the PayTM SMS Recharge Option

Login to your paytm account, navigate to Settings.
Under your profile, click SMS on 09880001234 to recharge and Enable it.
When you enable this feature, you can then recharge by using an SMS message by typing 'Paytm' followed by area, then compose the quantity and SMS to 9880001234.

Done :) 
So by these two methods, you can recharge your devices even without having Internet. These methods can be used when you don't have Internet connectivity and you need balance instantly.

Remember, Basic SMS charges will certainly be charged for the SMS recharge service.


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