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Hey Friends! Today we are going to know something very common about Windows PC. Actually, it is the basic information needed for any Windows PC user. A friend of mine and also a user on my blog asked about some topics on some basic computing, so I am posting this. The Network and Sharing Center is a very prerequisite function offered by Microsoft Windows to control and monitor all the Network-related activities been done on any Windows PC. You can even change the proxy and DNS of your Network by using Network and Sharing Center, actually, all the functionality regarding Networks, are being done by this option.

So, now let's move towards the methods, on how to open Network and Sharing Center in windows. Here, we shall have two ways to open Network and sharing Center. Let's know about them in detail further.

1st Method 

  • Open Control Panel first (You can also have the ways to open Control Panel, HERE).
  • Then, click on the Network and Internet option. 
  • Click, 'Network and Sharing Center'.

2nd Method

More favorable, actually :)
  • Look at the bottom right corner of your Desktop (where, you see the Date and time).
  • You'll see the Network icon (or Wi-Fi icon, if you're connected through a Wi-Fi).
  • Right click on it. You'll see the 'Network and Sharing Center' option. Go Ahead.

Done. You can do this in whatever way you like.

Have a nice day :)


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