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Hey friends!!! Microsoft Windows provides it's users with an option to control, monitor, modify and much more to the programs, networks, settings, etc. on the PC. You can do this by heading to the Control Panel option. Here, you can 'Add or remove programs', Control Networks, Control User Accounts, Change Clock, Language or Region, Modify Appearance of your PC, Monitor and modify Hardware and Configure Sounds easily. It's the one stop destination for all your PC settings. So, if you want to do something with that kind of stuff, you can use Control Panel, and use this article to open that.

So, we have two very very simple methods to do what we want. Let's discuss the methods, clearly.

1st Method:

  • First, click on the Start Button, located at the bottom left corner of your PC (by default). You can also open Start menu by just pressing the Windows key.
  • Then, you'll the option for Control Panel in the right column.
  • By default, this setting is set. But, if you can't find the option to open Control Panel there, then, you may proceed to the next method.

2nd Method:

  • [Specially, Windows 8/8.1/10] First, open My Computer. Then, you'll see the option stating, 'Open control panel' at the topmost bar there. Click on it and you're done :)

So, these are the easy ways to open Control Panel in any Windows PC...(Win 7 or upper, I guess). You can use whatever is suitable for you.

Have a nice day :)


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