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WhatsApp is a free app available at The Google Play Store for download and offers simple, secure, reliable messaging and calling, available on all phones, all over the world. It is now became an essential part of our social network over the internet, as it is very easy to signup and even to use. Well! Nearly all of you guys out there know about it. Till now, WhatsApp offers only texting, video/audio/documents sharing, location sharing, etc. but now, I'm giving you the way by which, you can also use it's, in test, Video Calling Feature.

Since, Whatsapp doesn't allowed currently, the normal users to use it's video calling feature. But, it allowed this functionality in it's BETA Version. So, if you are a BETA Tester of this app, you should be using the video calling function of WhatsApp already, if not, you can do it easily, just by heading up to the play store and enabling the BETA Version of this app.


Here, I'm providing you the best and easier way to have this functionality activated on your android phone/tablet. Just follow the steps provided below :)

UPDATED: This feature is now available to all users. Just need to update your Whatsapp App.

Steps to download and use

  • First, download the BETA Version of the app, provided in the link below.
  • Then, transfer it to your android phone/tablet, in case, you downloaded it to your PC.
  • Install the app and do the signup as usual.
Done :)

Above provided file is "WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.342 Beta", you can also check for any updates of the app, if available and don't panic or hesitate, the app is totally clean. You can download and install it easily to your android. Have a nice day :)


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