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Hey Friends! Today, I'm going to give you the brand and grand news about a game 
released for Android you use. It is a action game inspired by the latest bollywood 
superhero blockbuster of 2013.Ofcourse, I'm talking about Krrish 3. Most recently, I've 
posted about the Windows version of this game. But seeing the popularity of the movie 
and ofcourse about the game, I've decided to post and share it with you all. 

Important Info:

  • It's just simply a modified version of this game. 

  • It also supports Android 2.3 and higher (according to Google Play).

  • It's a freeware {the most exciting thing ;) }.

  • It is also not so large, but only 49Mb in size.


Get ready to relive the superhero life, perform breathtaking stunts and use state of the art 
gadgets & weapons to take down your enemies. Join KRRISH in his epic battle against 
EVIL as he faces off KAAL & FROGMAN to save humanity.

This free, fast paced, multiplayer, action adventure game is truly one for the superhero 
fans. Immerse yourself in the stunning graphics as you Climb, jump and slide across the 
Mumbai Skyline with players around the globe in multiplayer action.



  • Choose among multiple characters like Krrish, Kaya and others to race with players 

around the world!

  • Use gadgets like Shuriken, Freeze Mine and many others to stall and entrap your 


  • Level-up to unlock and flaunt new titles and gadget slots!

  • Perform superhuman parkour moves to traverse through the city’s skyline!

  • Race through richly themed 3D worlds, each featuring a different aspect of the Mumbai 


  • Explore the city of Mumbai through its 3 distinct sections - New City, Old City and

 The Industrial Zone.

So now, just proceed ahead and enjoy your time with Krrish, Kaya, and many more 
exciting features of the game by downloading the game from below link.

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