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Hey Friends! As we all are fond of doing social networking. It's also good and better
way to communicate to our loving ones. We can also see them while chatting
no matter where they are.

However, today I'm going to give you an amazing post about one of the
social networking sites, that is, Google Plus. It is a leading social
networking site nowadays. It also gives a fair look and easy
way to manage your profile.

But, one of the demerits of it is now fixed, that is, the problem of your profile
link or ID. Google Plus gave (before) the profile ID you can't change
according to your wish. But now, it gives a feature
by which one can control what he/she wants
to keep it's profile link.

So if you are a regular user, simply follow the steps below to get your
custom URL for your Google+ page.

Steps to get your Custom URL

  • First, visit Google Plus and Sign In with your Google ID and password.

  • Now, go to Profile > About. There, you will see a black box sliding with a text that, {Your Profile is Eligible for Custom URL} and if it not, then navigate to Links and click, Get URL.

  • Now, simply fill the appeared popup window with the custom URL you want for your profile and click, "I agree to the terms of service" and click Change URL.

So now, you have your own Google Plus URL for your ID.  
Just share it and enjoy.

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