Hey Friends! You all must heard of operating computer sites or any other
compatible sites on Mobile. But, have you ever heard of running
a mobile site on your PC ?

Yes! It is as easy as operating other sites on your PC.
You can now operate all the mobile sites
having mobile view enabled.

However, some of the sites have mobile view and downloading stuffs
only from Mobile. But, you can also do that from this software
which I'm going to give you.

This is an amazing software available for Windows PC only. So now, every
Windows user can enjoy Mobile view of sites on it's PC.

There are also some advantages of viewing mobile version of websites. 

Advantages of Mobile Sites

  • Mobile Sites take only few of data to open and getting operated in comparison of Desktop view of the same.

  • They offer a very easy user interface than that of Desktop view.

  • They save time also because of having less page elements and loads quickly.

However, regarding these advantages they also have some disadvantages.
Like, they also offer less facilities to user.

In the below given software, you can change the Mobile view also as it gives
a list various devices, including Apple Interface, Nokia, etc., so
that you can enjoy various view of the same website.

Now, all Microsoft users, get ready to rock with this amazing software.
Enjoy & Good Luck :)

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  1. I'm using and have good results........Thnx bro :)

  2. My pleasure dear :)


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