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Hello Friends! Today I'm going to update my blog with a awesome antivirus software.
Bit Defender is a very good antivirus software. It is now also available for you
with  six months license.


Bit Defender provides the ease of use, user interface and pretty much. Its awesome functionality makes it to top any list that states best Antivirus ever for PC and that makes it little bit expensive too from other. But, Bitdefender itself came up with a solution for this thing by introducing the Free Version that works pretty well as I am using it currently, it really consumes less space and beats every other Antivirus with free functionality.


Photon is the new feature that has been included in this version that makes the scanning speed much more faster, so it just retains the memory of files canned fro future use and it even skips all the files that has not been modified after previous can.

Wallet is another new & awesome feature that has been added in this version that allows you to store your website credentials and as soon as you visit that website it automatically logs you in. So overall it's the best antivirus I think that has been ever created but still the choice is yours as I have posted many other antivirus too from which you can the one you really want to install on your PC.

Download Below

The German installer Bitdefender is providing comes with a key that can be used to install the normal total security version for 6 months. So you can download the German installer [Link] and install it and grab the key but if you want to download normal installer straight away use B4F2YYR key to activate it. 

To download the 32-bit antivirus, click the download button below.
 Download 64-bit antivirus

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