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Hey Friends! You all know that this era is known as "Computer Era", which means that 
everywhere and anywhere you look, you will definitly find any device in a person's hand.
Everyone now has a device to entertain itself whether a boy, a girl, a man, a woman, etc.
These gadgets now became a necessity for more than 95% of people in the world. 

They have their advantages as well as disadvantages of themselves.
Firstly, they provide us a simple way to communicate with others, whether he/she be our 
relative or stranger who become our acquintace in future.But secondly, they have their 
some disadvantages that they become our only means of contact with others. If any day, 
they got damaged, then we can't have any other means to contact through the other 

However, today I'm going to provide you one more way to connect through various people 
in your life.You all must've heared about Android Apps { everyone knows ;) }. LINE is one 
of the chat app available for you on Google Play Store (for android).It has  many of it's 
regular users on android.

But now, a Windows PC version of LINE is also released for it's 
users { so that they can use it if their android set get damaged ;) } for them who don't 
have any android phone and want to chat for free, whether voice or text, directly from 
their PC without any cost (infact, free) from their friends and relatives.

Description about the application:

LINE is a new communication messenger which allows you to send FREE Emoji messages 

whenever and wherever you are, 24 hours a day! LINE has more than 130 million users 

worldwide and is used in over 231 countries!


  • You can send emoji, photos, videos and voice messages in addition to usual text!

  • You can easily chat using smartphone and desktop, such as Windows and Mac.

  • Popular characters from all over the globe are here to entertain you and your friends! Use them in your chats and convey your exact feelings instantly!

Guidelines to install and use the app:

  • First, make an account on LINE from any android device (as the PC application don't have any option to create account).

  • Verify your email and get your password.

  • Then download the application from below link.

  • Then simply follow the steps in the setup and run it to your PC.

  • Enter your Email and Password you got while creating your account on LINE.

  • Then simply do login and enjoy :)

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