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Hey Friends! You have mostly come to a situation when you have to make a very secret document that you want to hide from others or encrypt it with a password or secret codes.
For that, you use any external software that hides or password protect the folder in which you kept the document of your's. But now, I'm going to show you a way from which you don't need any external software or something else to encrypt your documents.

You can password protect your Microsoft Office documents by simply exporting or saving it in "Office 97-2003" format. As early I've posted How to encrypt your PDF files with a password, this is the simple way to protect your Microsoft Office documents.

But, I suggest you to make PDF copy of the document and then password protect it while exporting to PDF, because it is more efficient. The reasons that why I'm saying it is given in this post.But, you can protect your documents in any way you want or need.

Ok then! Let's start the simple tutorial (steps) to find that how one can protect it's documents in Microsoft Office while creating them.

Steps to protect MS Office docs:

  • First, create your document and save it as a backup. Then, reopen it and click 'Save As' option in 'File' menu.

  • Then, a dialog box will appear. Then, in the 'Save As Type' sub-menu, select                   'Office 97-2003' option.

  •  In the 'Tools' submenu(left to the Save option), click 'General Options'.

  • Then enter the password you want to apply on the document, confirm it & use 'Read only Recommended' option according to your wish.

  • Now, click 'Ok' and save it to your desired directory.

Done :)

Now, you have a Office document with password that only those people read or modify who know the password.Enjoy and keep visiting ;)

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