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Hey Friends! As we all know, it's time of celebrations, fun, joy and lots of
other things. But, also along with it, there occurs the
examinations of some of Board Students
and some competitors.

Like most of the tough examinations of India, I'm going to post about 
Joint Entrance Examination Mains Offline Mock Test.
Yes, it's fully offline test of 3 hours.
It's a software designed
by me which runs
on your PC


This is a HTML based software which allows you to take sample questions test
for JEE Mains 2014. It's an offline software which requires
 Internet Explorer 6 or higher to run.


  • Only one! Internet Explorer 6 or higher ;)

So friends! If you are a fresher or filled appearing form for JEE Mains 2014
you can take advantage of the software designed ny
myself. I am taking the guarentee of the
availability of links
and software.

To download the software, click on the Download image below.

Keys of the software are given below. Enter one of them when prompted.

  •                                              294-7887-89227-610

  •                                                       628-2836-84875-951

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