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Hey Friends! As each and nearly everyone is now using Android phones today.
Also, having the advantages to that awesome device for it's cool features and
dashing looks. It also, provides a better way for communication with
our acquaintances. Besides it, Android fails at some points.

Sometimes, while using it for a long time, one may experience the low battery problem.
So now, I'm going to provide you some tricks that how you can save your device's
battery and use it for a long time. So read forward to know it.

Ways to save battery

  • Avoid live wallpapers: By using simple image wallpapers or default wallpapers provided by your device.
  • Disabling Auto Syncing of Applications: This feature can be disabled by navigating to Settings > Accounts and Sync Settings.
  • Turning off WiFi and Bluetooth: The continuous enabling of this option may drain your battery for sure. 
  • Adjusting screen brightness: By operating on low brightness, you can also save your device's battery.
  • Using Power Saving option: By using power saver mode (mostly offered by some android antiviruses), one may save power of it's phone.
So now, by using upper given measures, you should definitely save your mobiles' battery and may work for more longer time. Good Luck :)


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