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Hey Friends! Today, I'm going to give you an amazing trick to recharge your
mobile phone for free. There is very lack of money to everyone rich
or poor and everyone tries to save and make money as easily
as they can ;)

So, I've founded a very interesting and fundoo way to make money
online & recharging your mobile phone just by playing
simple quizzes on the net. There are also
many other sites which provide such type
of service that I would
post later.

For present time, I'm talking about which provides free mobile
recharge on playing daily quizzes and sending SMS to your 

For this time, to know how to recharge your mobile phone with simple trick, just
proceed further and read the steps that follow:

Steps to recharge mobiles for free

  • First, make a SignIn or Register on

  • Then, go to quiz section to play quiz or go to SMS section to send SMS and earn money.

Now, you can recharge your mobile if you have Rs.10 in your wallet,that is, it
is the minimum requirement of ypox from you to recharge your mobile.

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