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Hey friends! Today I'm going to give you some information about using internet on
your PC with any sim card from a locked modem without actually unlocking it.

Well most of you encountered this problem while using a locked modem because you
are unable to use internet also if you have a data pack on one of your sim card which
is incompatible with your modem. But after reading my full post, you will be
able to use internet even with your locked modem and incompatible sim.

Now, just follow the below given steps to do so.

Steps to use any sim card in a locked modem

  • First, insert sim in modem.
  • Then, connect it to your PC (The modem software will show invalid sim but ignore it and just close the software).
  • Open NOKIA SUITE software.
  • Now, navigate to 'Connect to internet' option.
  • Now go to Configure. Select your data card modem, select appropriate APN Settings and finish setup.
  • Now, connect using Nokia Suite.
You can also try another way of connecting to internet, that is, after inserting your sim to the modem, open modem software and then connect using Connect to option in
Start Menu also even if your modem software prompts Invalid Sim 

Well the Nokia Suite connection works for most of the users in Windows 7 not XP.


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