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Hey Friends! As we all know that what social networking mean in our life. Today, 'Nine'
out of 'Ten' use social networking sites to remain in touch with their friends, relatives, and
also someone else. We, nearly all of us use social networking. In fact, some people became
addicted of this, that is, social networking, 24 hour online ;)

Instead of it, we have so many gadgets also to communicate through. I've also posted
about Line, a social networking app or chat application's PC Version from which you
can communicate/chat to your acquaintances more easily (directly from pc).

Today, I'm posting about one of the kings of the social networking after Twitter, that is,
Facebook.Now, if you are a Facebook user, you've heared about notifications sent to your
Email or Mobile. You may also have tried to do that. But, it costs you some money.

But, after reading this post and by following the below given steps, you can activate your
SMS subscription without spending a penny.

Things you need firstly before proceeding further:

  • ·         First of all, a fair Facebook account.

  • ·         Then, Facebook's Java mobile application (Recommended by Me).

Now follow below steps to get your free subscription of SMS notification from Facebook.

Steps to activate SMS subscription:

  • ·         First, go to the Profile section of your Facebook application for Java Mobiles.

  • ·         There, you will see your Mobile Number displaying with a edit option beside it.

  • ·         Click on the edit option, now you will see an option to subscribe for SMS notification alerts.

  • ·         Do subscribe from there.

Done :)

Now, you are subscribed for free SMS notification alerts officially from Facebook. If you
further find any problem, do comment and I will try my best to solve it.......

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