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Hello Friends! Today I'm going to give you the most interesting tweak of the year 2015 which will make your 2016 and all upcoming years with iPhone 'rock n roll'. With this trick, you can play all your favorite and lovable songs on your iPhone for free. So, talking less, let's move towards our new trick. Here, I'll present an app which is easily available at the Apple App Store. That's "Xender''.

This is an amazing app which makes you listen any song absolutely, for free.Let's take up a tutorial.

Things you will need

  • An Android(no need of internet, but WiFi and Xender installed) or A PC(With Internet Connectivity).
  • Xender installed on your iPhone also.

How to apply this trick

  • First, you have to download the song, you want to listen, in your Android/PC.
  • Then, connect the device with your iPhone using Xender (the app provides a tutorial to do so).
  • Transfer the song from your device to iPhone.
Done :)
Now you can easily listen to the songs in your iPhone for free.
Share this post to your friends and let them also know the tricky way to listen blockbuster music to their iPhone.

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