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Hey Friends!!! Today I'm going to give you a nice stuff which will help you in determining the network traffic on your PC. Sometimes, we need to know how much data is consumed while browsing the internet, especially, when on a metered connection. If we use any Android phone for browsing on the PC, we don't need to monitor data on the PC, as it is already being monitored on the phone. But when, we use metered Wi-Fi connection, or something else, to surf the internet, we sometimes, need to know and balance our internet usage on a regular basis or sometimes, we only do it, just for fun :)

OK, now moving forward towards the stuff which I am going to provide you. The name of this software is NETWORKX. It is a tiny and simple application software designed for Windows PC which monitors and keep a track on your data usage on your PC. It tracks and keeps record of your data and show you the details, when needed, in tabular or graphical form. It records, daily, monthly and sessional data, whether, on Wi-Fi or Dial Up connection. You can also fix data limit and warning when reached a certain usage in it, just like your Android warns before the limit and set a monthly plan that has been provided by your ISP since connection starts.

How to use

  • First, download and install the application software from the download links provided below.
  • Then, set a montly data plan and warning or usage limit (if you want to).
  • Done. You can now keep track of your data usage on your PC also. Also, it is a very accurate software, you can tally it from your ISP usage data.

Have a nice day :)


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