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Hi Friends! Today I'm here with my brand new post about How to install windows store apps offline in windows 10. First, I want to say sorry for the late post about installing the apps after successfully downloading the .APPX or .ZIP package from The Official Windows Store. I have received so many emails and queries regarding my last post on downloading the apps form the store. Now, this post is about to install them. I will try to clear all those issues you guys face while downloading or installing the apps. So now, let's get started for our today's read.

Note: Everything I am posting is official. I'm not violating any laws of Windows Content Privacy Policy. So, you can proceed further without any hesitation. People asked me whether their IDs got banned after installing apps in such a way. Well, NO!!! 

If you still didn't know how to download windows store apps for offline anytime install, first read my post about Downloading the Windows Store Apps through download manager for anytime offline installation. We are doing this to save our time & data by downloading and installing single app each time we refresh our PC or want to install apps or games on any other PC.

Steps to install downloaded store apps

  • In Windows 10, there is the simplest way to install .APPX packages rather than in Windows 8/8.1. We have to first, enable the external app installation in "Windows Settings",though it is downloaded from Windows Store, but is considered external.
  • First, Open Windows Settings App.

  • Then navigate to Apps tab. There, within the Installing Apps section, choose the option stating, "Allow Apps from anywhere".
  • Done! Now, you can simply navigate to the downloaded .APPX file and install the package by double clicking it.

Note: If further problem persists try setting your connection to Non-Metered, if you are using a WiFi to connect to internet.

OK!! Now we are done installing the apps. If you need any further assistance, feel free to comment your queries & suggestions in the below given comment section. We will meet soon with my new post. 

Have a nice day :)


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